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Officially Obsessed

Sold by Jojo's Sriracha

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Signs you’re obsessed:

1. The honeymoon phase doesn’t fade out

2. You constantly bail on your friends

3. You never ever miss a text or call

4. You accept last minute invites

5. You never get upset with them, even when you should

6. You’re constantly obsessing over their happiness

7. You buy them not one, not two, but three jars of the most artisanal, hand-crafted, wild fermented sriracha made in small batches by two crazy cat ladies who live in Denver

No judgment. We’ve all been there.

Description of aforementioned awesome sauce:

OG – (medium spicy) our “original gangster” sriracha with red chiles. Fruity and robust – you will never have another bowl of Pho without this.

OG-X – (x-hot spicy) this batch of Colorado red jalapenos is perfect for bold foods that need a little more “umph.” Try it some gooey mac & cheese or spike your bloody mary at brunch.

GR – (medium spicy) green chili sriracha made with our local Colorado Pueblo Chiles, jalapenos and poblano peppers. Tart and bright, this batch is amazing on just about anything. From breakfast burritos to Indian rice bowls, green chiles never disappoint.

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