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Collection of our Mini Inclusion Bars

Sold by Cultura Craft Chocolate

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A collection of 5 of our mini inclusion bars including:

60% Espresso + Sea Salt: Dark Milk Chocolate with an Espresso & Sea Salt Brittle

70% Whiskey + Nibs: Whiskey infused Dark Chocolate with cacao nibs

70% Mexican Spice: Dark Chocolate infused with guajillo chile and ceylon cinnamon and garnished with almonds. 

2 of our Limited Release Bars: Flavors may include our 70% Peppermint + Nibs, 70% Cafe de Olla, 70% Mezcal + Salt or 70% Gin + Salt, as determined by the maker

All bars are 0.9oz and made with organic cacao and organic cane sugar along with any additional inclusions specific to each bar. 

Shipping Available to: US
Order Processing: 1 week
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